Meet The 8 Dimensions Of Wellness

When we think about how to take care of our health, we tend to think about our basic bodily needs: what we eat and drink, how much sleep we're getting, and how much exercise we're fitting in, for example. But did you know that all of these things belong to only one of the eight dimensions that comprise your overall health and wellness?

Holistic wellness takes into account your whole person: body, mind and soul. Mounting evidence indicates that many physical ailments occur because of complex interactions between biological, psychological and environmental factors. Therefore, if you're striving for good overall health, it's important to nurture your wellness across each of the eight dimensions. Here's a quick guide to get you familiar with each:

📍 SPIRITUAL - Spiritual wellness is about nurturing a connection with something larger than yourself, and defining a set of beliefs and values that provide a sense of meaning in your life. Ask yourself: do you have a sense of purpose and meaning in your life? Are you making decisions that align with your personal values and beliefs?

e.g. join a Bible study, meditate before bed, pray regularly, find ways to serve others, take nature walks

🍎 PHYSICAL - Physical wellness is defined by an attitude of personal stewardship with regards to the care and attention you show to your own body. Ask yourself: are you faithfully attending to your physical needs, such as daily movement, healthy foods, restorative sleep and adequate hydration?

e.g. eat whole foods, stick to a regular bedtime, move your body every day, unplug and get outside, drink plenty of water

💡 INTELLECTUAL - Intellectual wellness is about developing your knowledge and skills, understanding diverse points of view, and strengthening your overall cognitive function. Ask yourself: are you expanding your mind by learning about new concepts and challenging yourself to acquire new skills?

e.g. develop a new skill, listen to an educational podcast, read thought-provoking books, learn a new language, watch a debate

❤️️ EMOTIONAL - Emotional wellness is about acknowledging, and then managing your thoughts, feelings and behaviors in a way that allows you to function optimally. Ask yourself: are you feeling positive and effectively coping with stress? Are you stable enough so that others could depend on you in a crisis?

e.g. journal your thoughts and feelings, see a therapist, implement breathing exercises, talk it out with a loved one, snuggle with your pet

💬 SOCIAL - Social wellness consists of having positive, healthy and meaningful relationships with the people around you. Ask yourself: do you feel a sense of belonging and connection with your support system? Are you communicating with your loved ones effectively and regularly?

e.g. schedule more dates, volunteer within your communities, have family dinners together, express genuine interest in others, be a good listener

🏡 ENVIRONMENTAL - Environmental wellness is all about creating pleasant, stimulating spaces that reduce stress and promote health, happiness and productivity. Ask yourself: do your physical and digital spaces feel ordered, functional and beautiful? Do your environments inspire you to make healthy, productive choices?

e.g. clear away household clutter, use a paper planner daily, organize your email inbox, finish something left undone, thoughtfully decorate your home and office

💰 FINANCIAL - Financial wellness is defined by a healthy psychological and spiritual relationship with money - and an understanding of relevant financial concepts like savings, income, and debt. Ask yourself: are you comfortable with your current financial situation and confident in your future plans? Are you a good steward of your money?

e.g. meet with a financial planner, use a budget tracker app, set aside money to donate, live within your means, set financial goals

💼 OCCUPATIONAL - Occupational wellness is about ensuring that your labor is rewarding and contributes to your well-being instead of damaging it. Ask yourself: do you feel a sense of personal satisfaction and enrichment from your work? Are you maintaining a healthy work-life balance?

e.g. update your resume, balance leisure with work, take on challenging tasks, collect business contacts, learn to be collaborative

The 8 dimensions of wellness

Our 16-Week Undated Daily Wellness Planner begins by prompting you to envision what your life would look like if you achieved success in each of these eight dimensions, gives you a full page every month to set your intentions for each, and allows you to select a dimension to focus on every week! Have you grabbed your planner yet?!

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